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The Scottish National Racing Pigeon Club is one of the leading Long Distance clubs in the UK. We are open to all pigeon fanciers with lofts situated in Scotland

Awards & Prizes

The Reims Gold Medal (won outright each year) all section winners will receive a Bronze medal

All other race winners will receive a Silver medal including the Yearling National held inc with the last Channel race of the season

Average Prizes

Overall Average Award, Section Average Award, Extreme Distance Average Award

The SNRPC Long Distance Champion Awards & The Reims Ace Pigeon



Please note any proposals for next season to be in the secretary’s hands by Monday 30th November

due to the current restrictions we are unsure of the position of the club AGM at this time however members will be informed as soon as possible of any decision  

2020 Trophy and Average winners

OVERALL AVERAGE; Best average Billericay, Hazebrouck, Arras Billy Bilsland
SECTION AVERAGE TROPHIES; Best average Billericay, Hazebrouck, Arras
                                       Section B    Billy Bilsland
                                       Section C     DJ Liddle 
                                       Section D    R W Hamilton
                                       Section E     H Menzies
                                       Section F     I Ross 
EXTREME DISTANCE; No races this year so not awarded
JOHN ELLIS TROPHY; Best average Hazebrouck, Arras Billy Bilsland
JOHN TRAIL TROPHY ;  No Troyes race so not awarded
JOE BOWMAN TROPHY; No Gold Cup Race so not awarded
FRIENDSHIP TROPHY;  Best average Billericay, Hazebrouck, Arras and Peterborough Billy Bilsland
JOHN FAIRBAIRN MEMORIAAL TROPHY ; No Gold Cup Race so not awarded




Please Note claims for Champion Awards and Arras Ace pigeon awards to be in the secretary’s hands by 16th October


     details of averages and trophies for this season please see Peterborough report on reports page



Congratulations to Billy Bilsland 1st & 2nd  Open

Peterborough Young Bird National

Many Congratulations to our Billericay National Winners  Darren and Jordan Crowe of Eyemouth

and to the Hazebrouck National winner Danny Henderson of Dundee

Newcombe & Black  of Macmerry winners of the Arras National

Bruce McKenzie Dundee Winner of the Yearling National

Darren & Jordan Crowe 1st Open Billericay Inland National

Danny Henderson Dundee 1st Open Hazebrouck National

Ian Black of the Newcombe & Black partnership winners of the Arras National


Bruce McKenzie Dundee Yearling National Winner


Season 2020 Race Programme

We are delighted to present our revised programme for 2020, subject to Government travel and lock-down restrictions.

 Billericay Friday 17th July, Race Marking 15th

Hazebrouck Friday 24th July , Race Marking 22nd

Arras Friday 31st July, Race Marking 29th

Peterborough Y B national Saturday 5th September

For marking station details please go to the Club News page and click on Summer Up-Date article.

Please note Section E Marking Station will be at Greenfield Club rooms Hamilton ML37JU

(Marking time to be confirmed)


Please contact secretary David McArthur if you wish to join the club, you will be made very welcome, subscription £35  no late joining fee



Mr David McArthur

96 Newlands Road



           Tel: 07311792669. 

              Email: snrpc.secretary@hotmail.co.uk


New Arrivals Text Number for 2019